Animations Well on the Way, Trailer Projected for Q4

All the Allied Mechs have been rigged and animations based on entity type are underway! a smaller update than I'd want to disseminate but it's starting to feel like we are getting to a real plateau in development even if much lies ahead.

Look for the first look trailers late this summer and by winter latest!


about 68% of models have been rigged, whilst 90% of the IK Skeleton Templates are finished.

Over 350+ Assets !

The long awaited assessment and cleanup of the Digital Asset Manager has revealed we are ahead of schedule! All factions(Allied & Axis, all types) entities have models and icons leaving the only required assets as tiles, decorations, UI Sprites and things that for now are somewhat miscellaneous.

Shout out to Blender for being a free, open-source platform condoning model creation and the creation of toolchains with python to ease such creation :)

The big sprint this weekend has concerned polishing AI and adding real-time combat in at least a foundational state. Nothing can describe how hype I feel creating such a system being a huge fan of games like Steel Division and Ring of Red; at last I can have own interpretation and definition on real-time RPG combat! Wow! I look forward to keeping everyone posted~

- Sasori_Zero

Roadmap Forward: What is Being Done

A list, in short, of what "Full development" looks like
The Righteous - Operation Blade:
* Assets
* Script

* AI

* Level System
* SLSystem(Persistence)
* UI

* Music, Misc Materials

More than anything, we are principally working on AI that would work for both Enemies and Allies;
The game is intended to be multiplayer and will pursue multiplayer features in the future, all the classic stuff.
AI is about 1/3rd of the way done with a need to cement the AI's consideration for the map. The goal here is that
a level be "complete" and represent the beginning, gameplay, and then transition to another level via
Unity's Scene Manager and Operation Blade's SLSystem.




2021 and the Changes of  4 Years

I Started The Righteous as a concept and art project in 2016, at the time I was in college and really looked at the project as simply a portfolio piece presenting my skills but as time passed I decided it's better to take it more seriously and give a vision for moving forward.

The Social Media, which I did present for Homework one time in College, has largely been rebranded to facilitate and reflect the serious changes coming and that have come. We have a website for the game (this one), a company website (SZ Labs), consolidated our Facebook, Instagram, Analytics and Mailchimp services with plans to create an IndieGoGo with the interest of fund raising for our public alpha release and early access.

In the past, I admittedly haven't been as transparent as I'd like to have been and this post largely will address such:

What happened was that The Righteous went through multiple, internally tested, builds that are effectively forms of pre-alphas. The decision to then push for a public alpha, compared to private, is to present a demo which will be up to the publics standards and open up the game for new, fresh, fans and peers to join our journey in creating an interesting and compelling strategy game that wore it's influences on it's sleeve. These Internal builds will not be released, not due to any preceived embarressment but because I lost the original CDN for distributing demos and am in the process of creating a Cloud Infrastructure for SZ Labs that can support the backend of all SZL-affiliated sites. When this is complete more can be said in interest of distributing keys for alpha. 


The fact of the matter is that when The Righteous first transitioned from renders, PoC, and rough drafts to Unity3d it's team had a lot resources to access and organization to fall back on. Without going into too many details, New York City College of Technology was where the team was based and going to school therefore providing the team large scale access to Adobe CC, Autodesk Suite, 3d Coat , and Marmoset Toolbag. In addition the project started as that of a College club known as the Game Development Studies and Observation Group (GD-SOG) though the brainchild of the club president, Sasori Zero, the club had many students who would show interest in apprenticing under and interning at the project; they contributed largely conceptual or artistic and narrative related content that have been in TR presentations but constantly underwent change as per the dynamics of GD-SOG and therefore meaning more content more often than not would fail to reach the site besides the project lacking a social media and branding manager at that time.

Sasori Zero, and most of the club leadership, would graduate in 2017 and with it the club would  would begin to dissolve. Sasori Zero then underwent developing the idea juggled with the costs of living in New York City, these challenges also meant that more news was reaching the Instagram without a clear connection being completed between the same project's Facebook, website, or an updated company website by neither the core team of three people nor the interns in GD-SOG times.

COVID-19 in 2020 also further hampered attempts for the team to meet and function on a regular basis and appropriate steps needed to be taken to facilitate the continued development of The Righteous; the game had demos but had begun a rebranding as it became clear that the original game needed a prequel before the experimental storytelling and gameplay approach could be truly realized and other concepts began coming out of the design and development process. In acknowledgement of this fact Operation Blade was created as the true prequel and focus allowing The Righteous to not only be realized but give fans insight into the complex alternative earth this tale will tell us all about.

2020 was when major shifts began and with 2021 we will be far more active in our campaigns to deliver this game to Early Access.


Stay tuned, stay informed, come back to this blog and site often to get insights on whats happening every week. As time marches on look forward to mailing list and beta access links, subscribe to us on social media for up to the minute updates and engage directly with our development team

and remember to Fear the Setting Sun! I'm so excited to show whats in store :) 

- Sasori Zero

A Year Later

Looking back, The Righteous was started a year ago as something of a test. It developed into a beautiful mecha strategy set in a confusing and dark world of Cold War politics.


I move forward knowing we can only go up, with a demo release imminent, this is exciting as it can be harrowing at times there is always a task to tackle but at the same time the idea of an everyday, at least weekly, challenge presents the opportunity to show my skills to the world on something of my own terms without a need to compromise creative vision

As time marches on I intend to continue updating not only my game but also my dev diary which at times I have slacked on, but these are all things to hone in due time!